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Limits to Auto-enter triggers?

Question asked by BTimm on Jan 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

I'm in the process of converting my solution from a heavy volume of old unstored calc fields to flat fields with auto-enter's linked to one central Trigger timestamp field. In one database, I'm already at the point where running the timestamp updates is much slower than it used to be, approx close to a full second to update each record. This will be an issue when I am looking to update triggers and cascading fields in batches of thousands. Also, for client pages on single records when I want to update trigger on record load, scrolling from one record to next will be user drag.


So, yes, I'm looking to fine-tune the cascading and understand where I am building up the drag time. Would like to know more about how auto-enters work under the hood.




- the sheer number of auto-enter fields triggered from one trigger field?


- auto-enter calcs dependent on other unstored data? Or related table data? Or unstored by virtue of some related table data?


I would like to improve my ability to fine-tune and accelerate the updates, and ferret out any lazy calcs here.



Method I'm using


Flat field (date, text, etc.)


auto-enter, replace data







[actual calc];