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Discussion created by StephenWonfor on Jan 29, 2013
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A client has had an app (let's call it "Oscar") built to collect data via iPad. They gather inspection data - text and images - and store the data in "Oscar".

They did fail to enquire about doing this in FMGo - sad as they/we have a rather large FMP11 system that handles much of their internal operational data.


We can only, at the moment, get data from "Oscar" by backing up the iPad, locating the backup file and running an extraction tool they build to get at the data. Whereupon we send the data back to them and they pull out the data and send it back to us.

The client has invested some consoderable funds into "Oscar" are is thus reticient about using FMGo for the whole thing, though I plan to beat on them until they either a) see the light or b) see the light.


In the meantime the question:


Is an FMGo database accessible on the iPad from any other apps? Can it be a data source?




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