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Preview arrows for next page greyed out in Print Preview when script when paused

Question asked by RichardBurton on Jan 30, 2013
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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have a script to print a document which pauses in Preview mode so users can review the pages of the document using the right and left little arrows in the Status area which I reveal in the script and then hide after the Preview. Works fine for me. I'm using FM Advanced 12 and full menus. Users get to the Preview and can only see the first page. The right and left arrows are greyed out so they cannot navigate through the pages while in Preview. I do have a custom menu set for the users, but I can't find anything that would prevent the user from previewing the multiple page document.


Has anyone eperienced this behavior or have any suggestions of how to fix it. This is Filemaker 12 on Macs connecting to a database being served by FM 12 Server.


Thanks... Richard Burton 415-626-2620