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    Week Planner


      This should be so simple, but I just cannot find an easy way to accomplish it.


      In one table I have some Tasks


      Once a week, the manager wants to plan what some of his workers are to do the next week.


      So I have the idea, that when you click on this task a script will make a new record in a new table and automatically fill in the text, and then manually you fill in:


      the day of week ( popup - mon to fri )

      initials of the person ( pop up from user table )

      estimate of how long it will take to fulfill the task. (pop up with intervals of 15 min - up to 8 hours)


      This should then be presented in a nice view something like this.


      My problem is the coloring - combined with the time-estimate.


      At the end of the week - everything should just be deleted, and we will start all over again.


      Any ideas of how to structure this would be very welcome.



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          Hi Lars,


          Interesting... a duration timetable. The first thing I think about is charts... so long as the layout doesn't require too much interactivity. I'd also consider html/javascript where you can make the size of the block a multiple of the base-size.


          I will ponder on this one if I get a spare moment.


          - Lyndsay

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            What if a task has a short duration but long description?

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              Lyndsy, I am unfortunately no HTML nor Java person, but try to stick to native FileMaker, but if you can provide an easy solution, I will not stop you :-)


              I have thought of  making a repeating field with 32 repetitions - 4x8=32 slots per day. Then via a script fill the different tasks into the fitting slot. At the end of the text I could put a number of spaces, to conditionally format the field color.

              First task in slot 1 ( takes 2 hours=8 slots)

              same number of spaces in field 1-8

              Second task in slot 9 etc.


              Problem is as Bruce also points out, I have little space for the text, and how do I know when to split the text to more slots. There is of course Tooltip, but not very elegant.


              Any better ideas



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                Hi Lars,


                What if you take your text and split it in different slots.  You could use text + return + color number combined with a conditional formatted background which looks at the rightwords(slot;1) to color the background.


                should be pretty easy :-)


                Hope that helps,


                Best regards,


                Ruben van den Boogaard

                Infomatics Software