Auto enter calculation in SQL field not triggering.

Discussion created by mif on Jan 30, 2013
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I have two tables,


One ESS SQL table and one Filemaker table related by "shop_product_item" ID. SQL Table A is set to "allow creation of records...." in FM Table B


Table A. name = "shop_product_item" (SQL Ess connection)

Field A1 - "is_published"

(Auto enter calc - "Case (shop_product_item::in_stock = 0 and shop_product_item15_ShopProductItem_ID::z_unpublishAtZero = 1;0)"


Field A2 - "in_stock"


Table B. name = "ShopProductItem" (Filemaker table)

Field B1 - "z_unpublishAtZero


Problem - when SQL Table A > Field 2 "in_stock", changes to zero, Field

A1 -"is_published", doesn't change to "0"


If I change "A2" (in_stock) to "0" manually, "A1" changes to "0"



How do I trigger the calculation in "A1" when SQL changes "A2" to zero?