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Barcode scanner issue with FileMaker 12

Question asked by bsternberg on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Mike_Mitchell

Evidently there is an issue with barcode scanning in FileMaker 12 if you are using OnObjectKeystroke on your layout or field. It often results in missing characters. Sometimes it will scan correctly after the second or third try, otherwise the item number has to be typed in manually. This issue only appears in Windows 7, not on the Mac. I am using an in-house designed FileMaker POS system which has worked fine up until I upgraded to version 12.



I use the OnObjectKeystroke in many of my layouts not only for scanning barcodes, but for other shortcuts as well. It would be a huge loss in efficiency to remove these script triggers. Any chance of this problem being corrected by FileMaker?



There's another issue which I'm sure is related. First let me explain. I am the owner of the business, the developer of this application, and also a user. About 11 years ago I had a spinal cord injury and am now a quadriplegic. Luckily, I can use a mouse, but I have to use voice recognition (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) for typing. Now that I have switched to FileMaker 12, DNS no longer works in fields where there is an OnObjectKeystroke. I have to use spelling mode and dictate each character with about a one second delay between each one. If I open my application on a Mac and use DragonDictate, everything works fine.



I am not the only one with this problem. I have seen the barcode scanner issue mentioned on a couple of other forums. Bottom line is I hope that this can be fixed soon! If anyone has found a solution, please let me know.


We are running FileMaker 12 on 8 Windows 7 machines, along with FileMaker 12 Server running on a MacMini.