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FileMaker Go in retail (POS on iPad/iPhone)

Question asked by odubov on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2013 by kibiz

Dear all,


I need to find working solution to link FileMaker Go with devices from Datecs (payment terminals, printers, barcode readers)

Datecs is providing SDK for iOS, so I was able to compile and run native iOS application for this devices in Xcode.

Looks, like only one way, to interact FileMaker Go with native iOS apps - is throgh the web call ( custom URL scheme)

Via this call I can send data to FileMaker Go

and also send data back.

I've made some tests and able to send data in both directions, even encripted.


But this kind of interaction has disadvatages - switching between applictions takes some time (because of new app screen scaling, that integrated in iOS and that can't be bypassed)


Do you know any other tricks or solutions, how to make FileMaker Go work more flowless ?


I also have found similar solution:

FileMaker Inc. even mention this solution in press release:


May be somebody knows, how it works, or how to solve this global issue ?


Best regards,