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Server intermittency

Question asked by user10625 on Jan 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by BruceHerbach

Hello all,


We have 2 servers, a production server, and a test server where I try out things for development and such. Both are running FM Server 12.


Our production server is working fine, but our test server has been behaving badly for the client FMP apps. When you're logged in, you frequently see hour-glasses or coffee cups for periods of 1-10 seconds. And about every, oh, 4-6 times this happens, FMP dies.


The test server is an older machine, but as far as I know, it's obeying all of the rules: no Active Virus scanning, no indexing, no other apps running on it. Usually there is only 1 client logged on (me).


I've seen this happen from several different client OS's, computers and both Macs and PCs. So I do not think it is a client problem.


Below are the specs for the server.


Is there anything to check on that I might be forgetting about?




2 Quad Core Xeon E5410 - 2.33 GHz

2x6MB Cache - 1333MHz FSB


32 - bit

RAID 5 ---- bunch'o' 15K RPM drives


OS: SVR 2003 R2 Standard SP 2


(could RAID 5 be the issue? Our production server, which works fine, is RAID 10).



Thanks in advance for any advice,

Christopher Bailey


Boston MA