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Changing "Internal" Database Name

Question asked by JonA on Jan 30, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2013 by BeatriceBeaubien

Hello all...


I created a FMP 11.x database some time ago (single file solution with multiple internal tables). For purposes of this discussion, when I first created the database it was called something like "Database X.fp7". However, since its original creation, the database name has changed to "Database Y.fp7" Here's the issue:


In Mac OSX (10.5-10.7 tested so far), if I use OSX's "Save As PDF" feature in the Print dialog, the "Save As" Filename and Title fields are both preloaded with the name of the original database name, as opposed to the current name (or nothing at all).


Any idea where this is coming from, and can it be changed?


BTW: This does not happen with FileMaker's built-in "Save As PDF" feature.


Thanks, in advance for your insights.


- Jonathan