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Converted Dot Matrix Printer layouts drop half the page in Filemaker 12

Question asked by jcarde on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2016 by SteveMartino

In FMP 12, when printing imported layouts from FMP 11 in a dot matrix printer a form feed occurs when only half the page is printed. What used to fit in a page now needs two.

Both the preview and PDF are right as it is layout (there are no lines announcing page breaks).

It seems FMP12 do not recognize printers driver paper size. In fact, it seems that interchanges length and width (when changing paper orientation the page limit mark on layout appears about the same length where printer breaks the page).


It only happens when printing to dot matrix. Same forms printed on a laser work fine.


It seems this issue is similar to Converted Print layouts truncating printed text in Filemaker 12 reported by devhunt, but version 12.0v3 do not fixed this problem.


Please Help!


OS: Win 7 x64

Printer: Lexmark Forms Printer 2480