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Open files from container with safe storage

Question asked by noidpurity on Feb 1, 2013
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I have a database with a portal for attatchment with a container that has secure storage activated that's called "Bilagor::Bilaga" where it should be able to put both PDF, documents, and more.

The problem is that I can't just double-click to open it, because I have to export the file first.


But I don't know how, I have tried with the script below and also with the "button-function" "Export Field Contents".


This is the script, but it did not work.


SetVariable [$file_name; Value: "filewin:" &Get (TemporaryPath) & GetAsText (Bilagor::Bilaga)]

Export Field Contents ["$file_name"; Auto Open]


I don't know if the spelling is correct above, I have translated it from Swedish.


Anyway, I get the following error: "remote: xxxxx.pdf" could not be created on this drive. Use a different name, free disk space, lock up the disk, or use another disk.


Right now the script is in the "buttonconfig" for the field that also hold the file.


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