missing information and/or errors of records

Discussion created by smacleod on Feb 1, 2013

i am trying to figure out if i can use a separate related table to track missing information and/or errors in individual records.


for each record, i have a field that tracks the sum if something is missing or has an error,

then in a another field, i have the same calculations give me a list of what that missing or error is ...


for example...


fieldX =


if( isempty(field1), 1, 0),

if( field2="none", 1, 0)


fieldY =

if( isempty(field1), "error1", "") &

if( field2="none", "error2, "")



then on one layout, if fieldX>0, then it will dislay "# Errors", and a tooltip will show the list from fieldY.

or on another layout, the list is also displayed as text from fieldY.


Is it possible to create a table that can track each error calculation and each record accesses it?

Maybe have one record in an "error table" with the "rules" that each record in another table accesses?


my calculations are getting long and complicated and leaves room for error.


any suggestions and/or links to articles is greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!