How to enable a Team to use subversion without Filemaker API for PHP?

Discussion created by mbust on Feb 1, 2013



I'm working on a website using CWP. I need help from a couple of developers who are doing CSS, but they don't use FIlemaker. I have the Filemaker db online. I want to use Dreamweaver's subversion feature to facilitate our development work and have set up a subversion server (unfuddle) for this work. I've successfully tested it with my computers, but the developers are not able to make it work. Can someone please help me by telling me what they have to do or install to be able to use Dreamweaver successfully to see how the website should look? I had assumed that they would be able to get easy access to the files by synchronizing my repository, but something is not working at their end. If they have to install the Filemaker API, is the package available somewhere without having to purchase Filemaker Server? For what it's worth, I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced.


Any help will be much appreciated.