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How do I "empty" the fields on a Layout????

Question asked by flyguy202 on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by jimb01

I'm trying to copy a master list of things into a new table for specific customers. Once copied, the list can be altered for the individual client. I have a script that does something like this:


Go to layout["masterlist" (masterselection items)]

Preform Find[Restore]

Go to Layout["Customer Selections" (table Customer Selections)]

Import Records [No Dialog; "The file name";Add;Mac Roman)

Replace Field Contents[No Dialog;table Customer Selections::CustomerID]




So the very first time that I run the script it works fine. However, the second time, when the script get to the second layout, the fields are still filled with values from the last time through the script. When the "Replace Field Contents" script step runs the table ends up with two sets of data.


If I run the script again, the table ends up with three sets of data.


So how do I flush, clear, empty, reinitialize, the fields in the second layout so that I don't end up with multiple data sets??