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    Easter Dates


      Well, it is that time of year and I was having to do some date calucations based on Easter (e.g., Mardis Gras, etc.).


      Attached is a FM file with a script that will calculate Western (Roman Catholic) Gregorian Easter Dates for years 326-2599. Note that is does not calculate the Eastern Orthodox (Julian Calendar) Easter.


      Since I had to do this work and thought others might be interested, here it is. You would think it was an easy calculation, but the script is not so simple. Oh well, computers make us think think things are easy because they calculate them so fast.


      Here it is! Feel free to use as you see fit.

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          We Eastern Orthodox need to acknowledge that the science of Astronomy exists,  and agree on one date for Easter !  Take the calculations away from the monks ...




          > Note that is does not calculate the Eastern Orthodox (Julian Calendar) Easter.

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            Technically, the Eastern Orthorodx is using the older calendaring system and just didn't update to the newer Gregorian calendar.  So I guess you could say the Eastern Orthodox is more traditional and the Roman Catholic one is more astrologically correct. 


            I was actually surprised how difficult it was to do the Roman Catholic calendar and weary of going through all of that for the Eastern Orthodox one.  But maybe someone will do that and add it to the file. 


            By the way, this is the version 1 of the file and you might want to see my later post with Version 2 that has the calculation both by script and by calculation. 

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              It's not just Calendar


              Differences in dating also occur because churches follow different calculations of the equinox and the full moon.