"Operation cannot be performed...relationships between these tables are invalid"

Discussion created by johnkerr48 on Feb 2, 2013
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I have a multi-table system with lots of relationships and have gotten this message when I try to delete some records, but not all.


After many hours color-coding my relationship map so I could see where things were deleted (or created and deleted), I am no closer.


The problem started in one table and has now spread to a second one slightly farther up the food chain.


I've read all the relevant sections in the FMTS 12 modules but can't come up with anything that gives me even a hint of where to look.


This isn't my first FM 12 solution but it may be my most thoroughly organized. Each subsystem is organized so it can operate on its own, with links to everything that connect to it and that it connects to. Each subsystem deletes things it creates, but the problem occurs when one subsystem tries to delete records that were created in the other.


Writing out this note, I thought that might be the problem, that both systems couldn't try to delete the same records. So I removed the delete capability from one subsystem and reinstated it on the other (the first one that had the problem). This didn't change anything.


The odd thing is that a week ago, there wasn't a problem. If I go back to that version, it can delete just fine. But I've made so many improvements since then, I can't go back to that one. And figuring out how the relationships are different would be mindnumbing.


Can anyone think of any techniques that might help me? (I tried looking at the Data Design Report and it offers nothing on this front.)