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Error 757 on server side filemaker script

Question asked by pfroelicher on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by pfroelicher

Hello filemaker server cracks...

I have a problem for some time which is not crucial, but not very nice to leave it like this in the long run.


I run fms 12 on a MAC OS10.82 with Server 2.2. and one of my scripts gives the following error. It says:


2013-02-03 12:30:00.081 -0200 Error 757 Schedule "ajustar q" aborted; FileMaker scripts can't be run because FileMaker Script Engine (FMSE) process is stopped. Use the command "fmsadmin start fmse" to start the FMSE process.

However if I give this command in Terminal it says


access:~ pierre$ fmsadmin start fmse

Error: 10006


Also using sudo does not help .


I know that it must have to do with access privileges of the fmuser user that is created in the opendirectory db when installing fms but I do not know how to fix it.

Any hints?





I also get this error when running my backupscripts,


2013-02-03 12:00:10.457 -0200 Error 685 Error occurred while deleting backup folder "filemac:/serverraid50gb/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/Hourly_2013-02-02_1400/", some files or folders could not be deleted. (-1)


which is probably related.