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I can't seem to access a table occurrence...

Question asked by joshnh on Feb 3, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by joshnh

Firstly, I have no formal FileMaker knowledge, only what I have taught myself (enough to make basic changes/improvements). I have to work with a very old database (I would guess at about 10 years old), and it is confusing as heck. So, with that being said, please forgive my ignorance, and probable incorrect use of terms.


Okay, what I'm trying to do is update/edit a field, but I can't seem to find the table occurrence that the field exists in.


There are three linked databases that FileMaker uses, one with a suffix of 'Menu', one with a suffix of 'Data' and one with a prefix of 'Web'. I am fairly confident that I can ignore the 'Web' database in this case.


This is the field I'm trying to access (I think this should be in the 'Data' database): WK_week__STUDENT_ByKeyWeekAndGroupF::zc_Fullname


Would someone please mind breaking that down for me? I'm not really sure what each section represents.


I'm not really sure what other information I need to require for someone to be able to assist me, but if you can guide me as to what you need, I'll happily provide it.


Thanks in advance.




P.S. I've attached a screenshot that might help explain what I'm talking about.