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Question asked by Angie on Feb 4, 2013
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I am working on an inventory for a manufacturing company.


I have a file for product"", and another for "components."


My goal is to make the count of these 2 files connect.


I.E. When a product is added into my inventory, it's components are taken from it's inventory.


The script/portal and relationships are confusing, and now not sure which one I would need, to make this happen.


I am unable to attach the files I created, as they are larger than this forum allows to upload.


If anyone has any suggestions, or is willing to help me in this confusion, please email me & I can send what I have.


Please keep in mind this is only a few of our products, and when I am done, will be much larger.


But, to start off, I added a few products and their components, to get this figured out.


Thank you to all who respond, and a very special appreciation to anyone that is willing to help me.


Thanks all!