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      I have FMS advanced 12.3 installed with web publishing configured on a mini running Lion. I have 3 solutions hosted and about once a week WPE component crashes and the only thing that will fix the service is a restart. When wpe crashes users are still able to use the filemaker client to access the databases. It got to the point where I set the machine to reboot every night. That helped a little with the frequent crashes, but now it seems to do it at any given time and I can't track or see why. I thought upgrading to 12.3 was suppose to fix this. Any ideas?

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          I have had that happen on a couple of different servers in version 10 and 11, but not 12.  The solution that worked for me was to reinstall the FileMaker server software.  Is this a Mac or Windows?  Regarding updates... updates never fixed this type of problem for me.  I always had to do a clean install. 

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            Running Lion server on mini.  When the 12.3 update came out I uninstalled and reinstalled.

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              You might uninstall FMS, then turn off Web Services, turn them back on, reinstall FMS, run updates.  That is about all I can think of.  If that doesn't work, I'd uninstall FMS, upgrade to Mountain Lion Server, turn on web services, reinstall FMS and run updates. 

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                Very early this morning our FIlemaker server 12 installation on a Windows2008 R2 cloud server out-of-the-blue started generating WPE COMPONENT potential problem warnings, while no users were working on the system.


                Later we received a ticket from the hosting providers helpdesk support system that there were some connectivity problems in the datacenter related to the cloud servers. That makes it no coincidence that we receive these alerts.

                It could mean that these WPE COMPONENT failure alerts might more often be caused by issues in the datacenters.
                Hosting providers will not always inform you of all incidents.
                It can be worth while to contact your hosting provider and ask whether there have been connectivity issues at the moment that you suddenly start recieving WPE alerts.