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Copying contents of tables

Question asked by cgallardo on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by learner


I am still working on my first project.


I have set up one table that contains a list of all products (AllProducts) and a couple of other tables, one has Order Numbers and another has LineItems. Relationships only exist between Orders and LineItems. AllProducts is standalone.


Although the AllProducts table is supposed to have the ability for the user to add/ remove/rename items, when the user does change the items in AllProducts it should not alter past orders.


What I would like to achieve is for everytime a a user wants to create a new order, to have a layout that displays all possible products and then the users juts adds the qty of each item.


I tried setting up look ups but it didn't produce the desired result.



Basically I need a way to copy the whole contents of the AllProducts table as a new order with Qty = 0 for each item. I am not concerned that my orders will have items with a zero qty.


Any ideas?