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sorting and filtering in "transactional" portals don't work

Question asked by FileKraft on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by FileKraft

setting the relationship to allow creation of related records breaks portal-filtering and portal-sorting as soon as you enter a new line.


this is very unfortunate - since sorting reliably works even if records in that portal have been opened but as soon as you

add a new line (at the end of the portal) the portal is frozen to the sort before the line has been added.


regarding filtering as soon as one of the records in the portals has been altered (opened) the filter only kicks in as soon as

all records are saved (recordOpenCount =0).


i consider this a major bug/limitation because filtering and sorting stop working as soon as a new line has been legally created thru the portal

and portals are the only way to implement transaction processing over child-records.


please FMI fix it.