Separating parts from labor

Discussion created by amcclellan on Feb 5, 2013
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Hi, I am new to FM, have been working with in the Starter solution INVOICE, and have been expanding it to meet my needs. So far so good. The only exception is dividing up the invoice layout to reflect a separate portal for Labor, and one for parts, that equal sub totals then a grand total. I have gotten it to sort of work. When I add a line item to service (labor) it automaticlly adds a line item to parts. If I delete the parts line item it deletes the labor line item. I am missing something, but I am not sure.


Structure: Invoice Table (Parent) - (Child) Invoice DATA Table (Parent) - (Child) Parts- (Child) Labor

Also each Portal has been named for the script, giving it a unique refference.


Please help.