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    Choose export directory in a script


      I don't know if I am being dim or that this is a real challenge.


      I am trying to let the user choose the directory that they will be exporting a series of PDFs that are stored in container fields. At the same time I need to rename the files because some of them may have identical names.


      So net/net - Is there a way to rename the files that are being exported programatically and let the user choose the actual directory that they are exported to?



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          If you want a surefire way of only ever exporting that PDF file to a directory, you can modify the name to include a serial value or time value as well. The rest is pretty easy.


          set up a field - table::gLocation (global text field)

          set up a value list of paths - (IE My Docs, Desktop, Share drive)

          script an export button with the following (assuming you are on the record to export):


          set variable $location from table::gLocation

          set variable $path:

             "file:" & 

             Case (

                  $location = "My Docs" ; Get(DocumentsPath);

                  $location = "Desktop" ; Get(DesktopPath);



              & table::serial OR filter(Get(CurrentTimeStamp);"0123456789" ) OR Get(UUID) - filemaker 12 only

              & "_filename.pdf"

          Export Field Contents ($path ; table::container)


          Here's more about export field contents: