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    Printing in FM


      Can anyone help with printing issues in FileMaker


      I've developed sub-summary layouts for searching and finding records but every now and again I would like to be able to print them. The design is set at 100 magnification on the screen (easy to read) - when I go to Preview mode it only show 1/4 of the layout. On my MacBook Pro there is an option to scale down the layout ie 50% to fit the Preveiw window and then print it out.. however at work on my PC I don't have this option to scale the screen down for printing.


      How do I do this on a PC?


      I really don't want to create print versions of the same layout that fits the page preveiw.

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          You can change your page setup and select a really large tabloid paper format (e.g., 11x17) and I'm sure it will work, but that is not what you wanted to hear.  The reality is you have designed a layout for your screen, which is a different medium than print.  Print medium is going to be smaller than what is on most screens and printers generally have much higher resolution than a screen by a factor of about 3 or more.  In today's technology, don't expect that to change soon.  But on this point, you might note that operating systems have been experimenting with support of various higher resolution screens.  Right now all OS's I know support one resolution at a time except for the Mac's retinal display.  But expect to see a lot more about this in the future where our screens may start becoming more dense supporting higher resolutions to better immitate paper.  If our printers resolution is the same as the screen, then we will be able to design layouts that are the same size as on the screen. 


          Unfortunately, time to design a separate print layout.  Sorry!