Possible bug, wondering if anyone else can duplicate this...

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We have discovered what may be a bug, but before I go off reporting it I am hoping someone else can see if they can reproduce this.


It involves using a container field with global storage turned on, and the save as compacted feature.


The way I believe it is reproducible is this:


Create a new file, any name and make one field, a container field and bake it a global.


Now add a file to the container field, any method, but make it a large-ish life, say a 10 meg file. It makes it easier to see the problem.


Now if you close the file and check it's size you'll see it is about 12 meg or so, about what you'd expect, although FileMaker seems to bloat attachements in a container field, so open it up again and save a copy as compacted. This is where something odd I believe starts to happen. If you close the file you'll see it is a bit smaller, nearer the 10 meg you'd expect. But if you open the file and delete the contents of the container field it get odd. Closing the file will now show it's size to still be 10 meg or so, even with the container field empty...


You can repeat this process as often as you want, adding a file, saving compacted, removing the file adding a new file, save as compacted and removing it and eventually you'll get, as we have had happen, a file that is a few hundred meg, with one empty field. Oddness abounds. Deleting the field does not seem to help, nor does recovering. However deleting the table does remove the hidden bloat.


If anyone can help me confirm this I'd appreciate it. Oddly enough if the field is not set as a global this does not occur, everything behaves as expected.


Thanks to anyone who can help me check the issue, we're avoiding global container fields for the moment until we can track it down.




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