Checking for pdf files on window server

Discussion created by k.hoornweg on Feb 5, 2013
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For printing large documents i'm using a pdf printer driver instead of the native pdf script step.the pdf documents are stored in a directory on my window server

The next step is that i attach this document in a email by using the native fm email script step and send it by smtp

The email can only be sent after the pdf file is completely created.

That is why i need to check that before the email script step (send by smtp) starts.

I use the following method.

I created a container field and by using the insert file script step i store the file in the container field.

After check the container field (if not empty) fm starts with the send email script

The problem is that if the pdf file is not completed yet, the insert file script step try to find it on the server and a window screen pops up.

That ruins my automatic email script as i don't want such a interruption.

I just want fm to keep on trying to insert the file to the container field till it succeeds.

Is there anyone who can advise me?