Backup Memory Leak -- Brings Down IWP and/or Entire Server

Discussion created by disabled_ScottKoontz on Feb 6, 2013
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Problem: FileMaker Server 12 backups eat into available memory, won't release it, and eventually cause either the server to restart or IWP to terminate (error 701)


Background: Mac Mini, OS X Server 10.8.2, 8GB RAM, FMS 12.0.3


Everythng worked fine on:

  1. FileMaker Server 11,
  2. OS X Server 10.7


Not working fine on:

  1. FileMaker Server 12
  2. OS X Server 10.8


Updated to FMS 12 a week ago, things were fine for a week. Update the server this past weekend, and daily IWP errors or crashes. Same machine, same RAM. Even ran a thorough RAM test.


I have been hammering away all day as both a FMP and IWP user, and the RAM usage stays pretty constant. On a hunch I decided to perform a full FMS backup (with verify and clone) and most of the free memory was immediately taken. About 20 minutes later the server decided it wanted to restart on its own.


Sigh. I've found some online FMI history on FMS backups eating into memory (I'm not having the old IWP eating into memory issue). Looks like an OS and FMS reinstall.