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    Switch Printer Dynamically




      I want to get printer name in any variable, Is it Possible????


      My task is to get any printer in any variable and then use this variable at the time of print.

      Can you please let me know its solution or possibilities??






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          Steve Wright

          I use a plugin for this myself :




          There are of course other alternatives, such as :

               http://www.dracoventions.com/products/2empowerFM/family/print.php  and



          Of course, if you are configuring the solution for a particular client, you could probably setup numerous print scripts and use your own methods to decide which 'print script' to run by way of an if statement, i.e


          Perform Script [ print_script_init ; $printer_required ]


          Then branch the print script with the setup's such as :


          // Print_script_init


          if (get(scriptparameter) == "laser")

                Print Setup [restore] // for the laser

          elseif (get(scriptparameter) == "dotmatrix")

                Print Setup [restore]// for the dot matrix

          end if



          Or to that effect...  Edit: (exuse the incorrect formatting and the fact that a variable wasnt actually required)


          The problem for me with this approach is that I sell a shrink wrapped solution and dont want to have to configure each users print setup's or change them when they buy a new printer.  myFMButlers plugin handles this task for me and does so very nicely.  It also provides PDF printing functionality for runtimes.