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    Dynamic List Search on One Layout


      Hi Team,

      I am wanting to create a dynamic search on a single layout..please see attachment. I would like to achieve a search that when as you type in a search field...say First Name and as you type possiable results would show them selves in the collum next to it in a List.

      what could anyone reccomend as the best approach for this. Regards Markimg010.jpg

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          Your description lacks clairity as to what you really want to do?


          Are you using a standard layout or a list layout. In either form a Quick Find would work.

          If your trying to access a different record in the found set, you can use a portal with a go to related button, but you will need to make a duplicate table in the structure with a X join with one of the field in the portal. You can also assign a script to each field in the portal to cause different results to occur.


          Come back with more details...

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            Hi ontarget, thanks for your reply

            My initial thought was to create this in Form View, not so much in a found set, just wanting to see a list of Contacts ..lets say 10 contacts which is the closet match to whats being typed. Once the user sees the contact they are looking for they can click on it in the right collumn and go to that record. Kind of like what happens using a value list that is set to offer suggestions as you type..hope this helps

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              OK, to start with FileMaker provides a QuickFind and the find mode to find records based on layout fields. You cannot for example search for a result when there is no matching data in a field in the layout fields in the current view. That being said, you can assist a use by providing a layout with buttons to go to specific records with preset scripts to find records.

              Sample Select portal.JPG

              In this example the portal has 1 field, I have used as many as 3 fields. The field has a go to related script that is a self join to the duplicate table with a X relationship to the customer name. The portal opens the record with that customer name when you click on the select field with the name you want. What is not shown is the layout with the customer data.

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                Thanks for that ...so thats what I will do..seems good. regards Mark