Call from Microsoft... Warning!!!

Discussion created by BruceHerbach on Feb 6, 2013
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A few minutes ago I had a call from someone that told me that they worked for Microsoft and that my Windows 7 or 8 computer was sending them message. Hence the call.


My guess is that this call was a scam since I'm only running Mac and he couldn't or wouldn't get into specifics about the messages my computer was sending. He then hung up.


He did have my name and my phone number. A possible source would be the e-mails I use to post things on this and other forums.

Anyway this is just a warning that this is most likely a scam. If you get a call like this don't give them any information about any of your computers or let them take control of them. As far as I know, Microsoft's cusotmer service doesn't initiat service calls.