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FileMaker 12 data loss

Question asked by on Feb 7, 2013
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Last week I have had first data loss on filemaker, I am not sure it is related to FM, operating system, or any misconfigured preferences. Let me explain;


We build a simple CRM solution (customer records, offers, invoicing etc.) for a print center. All of the machines are mac with latest MacOS X. FileMaker 12.3 is running on machines. Mac Pro shares file over FileMaker Pro.


Recently we realized that the database file (fmp12) is not writen on the disk. We close the file on host machine and last 2-3 days data is lost. After a couple days the file closed by an accident (because of power cut). Again our some data is lost.


The file is open on host 7/24 normally. We are tracking file (fmp12) modification date regularly. It some times seen as sevral hours before. Some times updates itself.


We build a script for periodic "save a copy as" step as a temporary solution. But we are afraid of the same thing will be occur again. How can I figure out and fix the cause of this case.





Osman Cabi