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    Anyone come up with a solid method for inserting detail panes within a list?


      Looking for a way to do something like this:




      I know of a few methods to do this, but have not found the "silver bullet" yet:

      1) A layout switch with portals above and below: most commonly used, but an annoying setup with 2 duplicate layouts to manage - I am not that committed, although I love the idea.


      2) Sub-Summary part - This has the most potential (after you work out the field-setting and sorting), but you always end up with an extra sub-summary part above or below. This seems possibly acceptible for the simplicity...perhaps a script to hide the record detail when the user scrolls up or down? (thus revealing your secret!)


      Anyone have a solid solution I have not thought of? Perhaps one day FileMaker will add some "tree" and "detail" functions to portals...until then we come up with tricky solutions.