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How To Find Files on an iPad

Question asked by richardsrussell on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by richardsrussell

Please bear with me if this is a hopelessly naive question. I've owned an iPad for 3 days now and have been fiddling with an existing database for 2 days, and today's the day I got to try moving it off of my Mac and onto the iPad. The documentation suggested that I close the file and e-mail it to myself. I did that, and the e-mail duly arrived on my iPad, I pressed the download icon, and the progress bar dutifully reported that all 8.0 MB had been downloaded. So now I go to my desktop and try to find the file. Nada. I fire up FileMaker Go and look for a File > Open command. Nada. The "Working with Files" section of the help screen says "Tap the filename in the Files on Device list." I go there and see the stock FMI-supplied starter solutions: Assets, Contacts, Content Management, Getting Started, and Tasks. My own file? Nowhere to be seen.


Where is it? Where did it go? How can I get at it?


For 2 companies normally as user-friendly as Apple and FileMaker, this is a hugely user-hostile experience.