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    How To Find Files on an iPad


      Please bear with me if this is a hopelessly naive question. I've owned an iPad for 3 days now and have been fiddling with an existing database for 2 days, and today's the day I got to try moving it off of my Mac and onto the iPad. The documentation suggested that I close the file and e-mail it to myself. I did that, and the e-mail duly arrived on my iPad, I pressed the download icon, and the progress bar dutifully reported that all 8.0 MB had been downloaded. So now I go to my desktop and try to find the file. Nada. I fire up FileMaker Go and look for a File > Open command. Nada. The "Working with Files" section of the help screen says "Tap the filename in the Files on Device list." I go there and see the stock FMI-supplied starter solutions: Assets, Contacts, Content Management, Getting Started, and Tasks. My own file? Nowhere to be seen.


      Where is it? Where did it go? How can I get at it?


      For 2 companies normally as user-friendly as Apple and FileMaker, this is a hugely user-hostile experience.

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          Just for clarification... Is your file .fmp12 and your FM Go app version 12?  FM Go 12 is not backward compatible with .fp7 files.


          You should be able to open Go and click "Open File Browser..." button.  Select "Files on Device" to see all available (starter solutions will be here as well).


          I prefer to use Dropbox to transfer to FM Go.  It's straightforward: move a copy of your file to Dropbox. Open Dropbox app on iOS device.  Select "Open With" and choose FM Go.  Done.

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            I am running the latest version of FMP on my Mac and just downloaded FileMaker Go today, so I presume it's the very latest version. When I open FM Go, I see a screen with 2 halves. The left half is called "Files on Device" and lists the 5 starter files. The right half is called "Remote Files and Hosts" and is empty.


            There are no menus and consequently nothing called "Open File Browser ..." and neither the "?" icon at the upper left nor the wrench icon at the upper right takes me to anyplace useful.


            Maybe I'm too set in my ways, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to do in the absence of menus. I'm also nonplussed that my e-mail program evidently downloaded the file and sent it off to limbo somewhere where I can't find it. (No "Find" feature that I've been able to detect, nor is there anything resembling file management on my iPad desktop.)

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              As far as i know you can only see files resident on the iPad from the 'Files on Device' list in FM GO or  of if you connect it to your computer and open iTunes you will be able to see the files at the bottom of Apps


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                OK, well, that would be swell if it worked, but my "Files on Device" screen doesn't show me the file, so what became of it after the Mail program downloaded it? It's presumably SOMEwhere on my iPad. Where? Why can't FileMaker Go find it? Why can't *I* find it?

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                  My apologies, Richard... I gave you the instructions for iPhone, not iPad.  I did not have my iPad in front of me so I was going by memory.


                  Okay, go back to your email on your iPad that has your file attached.  If it downloaded in your email, you will see the same file icon as on the desktop (white and pink folder with a pink bar along the bottom) in the body of the email.  When you touch it, a popup should appear listing applications that you can use to open this file.  Select FM Go.


                  FM Go should open and your file will open as well.  I just did this on my iPad to verify.  When you close your file, it will be on the left hand column labeled "Files on Device."


                  Edit:  I think what happened earlier was you jumped out of your email app once the file downloaded, but before you actually "opened" the file (i.e. sent it to FM Go app) which is why you couldn't find it.


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                    HOORAY! This worked!


                    Thank you for the helpful, DETAILED instructions. Why the hell couldn't FMI have done this? There's nothing remotely intuitive about opening a downloaded file from within the Mail program. Why on Earth would I be tempted to touch a picture of the file on the screen after I'd been assured that the download had run successfully? (Maybe if it were shaped like a kitty and looked at me longingly, wanting to be petted, but IT'S JUST A DUMB ICON, for Ghu's sake.)

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                      This was such a frustrating experience for me that I ginned up a couple of screens for inclusion in the database itself, incorporating the excellent advice that the helpful FileMaker Pro community provided for me. In that same spirit, I herewith share them so that others may benefit from my experience. (The file title in red at the top is a merge field.)


                      Preparing for FM Go 1.png  Preparing for FM Go 2.png