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Deleting Records Within A Repeating Field

Question asked by lighthouserich on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by lighthouserich

Apologies if this is very basic and has already been answered but I have searched the forum before posting this.


I have a fairly strraight forward DB with a field which contains repetitons.

Said field (along with other repetition fields) are displayed on a layout.

I need some kind of function so that a user can press a delete button which can ask them which repetition they wish to delete and then delete that repetition only leaving others intact.

This deletion would need to act for the same repetition on the other fields on the same layout.


For example delete the 3rd repetition of the fields description, sub-description and price. etc etc.


Currently using FM version 11 and will probably be upgrading to v12 soon.


Any help with this will be appreciated.