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FM Go flashes wrong layout

Question asked by rdhughes on Feb 8, 2013
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Good morning,


I'm brand new to the FileMaker Developer Community -- I'm self-taught, from FM7 and now running FM12 and Go; the latter for the first time.


Firstly, I hope I'm posting this issue in the correct place! Secondly, I have had a look around the forums to try an find an answer to my query, but can't seem to find anything specific that helps. I'm sure this will be a quick fix for a non-newbie like myself!


  • I'm creating a new CRM for my company, which I will be making available on FM12 (on Macs) and FM Go on iPhone and iPad.
  • I have created a test database, just to have a play around -- and the first thing I wanted to try was a "device aware" Opening Script, to select a specific layout based on the device being used.
  • I followed this helpful tutoral to the letter, and everything worked fine... With one, annoying issue...
  • When I open the test database in FM Go, it flashes up (instantly and very quickly) the "Desktop" layout first before going to the correct Go layout!


Is there anything that can be done about this? I know it's only a minor issue, but it is very annoying!


Many thanks, in advance of your support.




David Hughes

R&S Hughes Limited