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Double-Clicking portal button goes to wrong related record

Question asked by jimhoyt on Feb 8, 2013

Got an issue with an Instant Web Publishing (IWP) function, and it actually does this in Filemaker Pro if you click really fast.


Double-click a button in a portal row that goes to a related record and it finds the related record plus one or more others that are not related.


I have tried the standard go to related record, but also in a script set a variable with the record ID from the portal row, then change layouts and search for that record ID in the related table.


Doesn't matter. If I single click, it always works right. If I double-click it gets the wrong results. Other people have reported this problem on FMForums, no fix found.


Normally people don't click twice, but with IWP and multiple users, there can be a delay, so the frustrated user clicks more than once. The desired record normally does end up in the results, but not at the top of the list, and that is the record of focus, of course.


I hope I have explained this well enough.


If someone has experience with this and has found a solution, would love to hear about it.