Trouble importing excel files

Discussion created by gapsec on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by gdurniak

I have been trying to import an excel file for 2 days. I have created a library, I added fields, matching the fields in the excel file, I clicked import from the file menu. I clicked on file. I selected the excel file I wanted to import. Where it says "Choose a Target" I chose the library I just created. Now here comes the problem . . . where it says, "assign each value to a library field," there are only 2 choices: "do not import" and a file entitled, "my lead company leads," of which I don't recognize, nor do I know where it came from. I do not have the fields from my excel file to match to the fields I created in my target file. Can you please advise me what is happening, and more importantly, how do I fix this?