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How to add HTML code via a FileMaker field?

Question asked by mbust on Feb 9, 2013
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Here's what I hope is an easy question: I can easily add text to a web page via PHP from a Filemaker field, but how do I add HTML code from a FM field to a web page and render it properly?


I have a shopping cart that generates AddToCart code for its button (i.e., <form>...</form>), which I'm supposed to paste to the web page of the actual product. But the page is dynamically generated and so should the button. So what I did was to put the html button code in a FM field for the related product and would like the web page to generate the button.


Problem is, when the page is generated, I can only succeed at entering the html code as text, not as code. So the PHP echo or print commands actually show to the user the code, eg., "<form action=. . . </form>" and not the button.


Any way to make the button show up properly?