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    multiple levels of filtering on a value list


      I've been scanning the forums, and can't really find anything that I can comprehend that can answer my question.



      To make a very long story short, I have a products table, consisting of Series, Type, Size, Parts, all related to other tables.



      See super-simplified version, below:





      I'm trying to have a series of pop-ups that reduce the items available in the subsequent pop-up, 4 layers deep, that simplify product selection for the individuals using the layout. I'm trying to continually reduce whats available in the final PRODUCTID pop up. See super-simplified version, below:






      I've tried filtering valuelists, using globals in the pop ups and relationships to those global tables, but I can't get this to work that way I need it to. I can get the SERIES to filter the TYPE, but the SERIES doesn't affect the SIZE or PARTS. Basically, I can't figure out how to get an accumulative effect.



      If anyone has anywhere to look, or any samples, that would be great.



      Thank you and have a great weekend!