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keep find requests from aggregating

Question asked by heemet on Feb 9, 2013
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I have biggish dataset in one table based on which i created a list layout. The idea was to be able to constrain the list by one "category" field (say it was a product list and I wanted to have separate sets for each brand). I ended up with some buttons in order to have a control for pulling up the different data sets (I'm desperately trying to avoid "find mode" and having to type searches etc). This should be the simplest thing ever, but I've been running in circles.

My latest apporach was to connect the buttons to a script that would run a find request. That worked great for the first set, but as soon as I tried adding the same to the next button I ran into the titular problem: I couldn't create a fresh find request; instead it keeps the one from the first script/button and tells me that the find requests will be executed in the order that they are listed. How do I work around this? Or else, how but with a find request script should I apporach this seemingly inane task?


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!