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Importing data into Filemaker 12 from Access database on another server

Question asked by wildwood28 on Feb 10, 2013

I have set up a Filemaker Go database that our reps run on ipads and I have now updated everything to Filemaker 12.


The database is hosted on a stand alone server using Filemaker Server 12. Every night I dump sales data etc from the SQL database into an access database (just as tables) on another server, then using ODBC setup, run scripts on my machine to perform the transfer of these tables into Filemaker.


What I would like to do is automate this process so I don't actually have to run the scripts manaually and hopefully have it all run server side. I am always worried if I am unable to update, or my machine dies for some reason, the new data won't be transferred and our reps won't be happy!


The server where the access database is stored is not on the same network as the Filemaker server however we have installed "Second Copy" which allows the quick transfer of files from the data server to the filemaker server. Would need to work out how to automate this aswell.....


I have done some research into this and know that you have to put the data in a certain folder for a server script to run, and I have got this to work.


Just wondering if anyone can suggest a solution to make this a automated process that can run overnight (ie the access database data on one server, transfered into Filemaker on a another server which is using Filemaker Server 12).


Hope that makes sense....!