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    Sum of Portal Records


      Hi Everyone,


      I am still feeling my way around and have a little problem I need some help on.


      I have three tables in my solution: Compliance , Pilotage and Ship_Particulars.

      The Pilotage table has a calculated value in a field called Points. This value is determined based on the LicenceArea field

      I have a portal in the compliance Layout showing records of ships realating to that "swing".

      I need to display the sum of the points field. I have used the formula Sum ( compliance_PILOTAGE::Points ) but it is blank and I can't see the problem.


      Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.





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          It looks like you sum field is sitting outside of the portal.  In order to display a sum at the bottom or top of a portal, the trick is to create a duplicate portal based on the same data that is only one record high.  Then place you sum filed there.  You can make the background and lines transparent to hide the second portal.

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            Yes it is outside the portal but I am not sure how I can sum the portal figures only.  One way this could be done is to use a found set but that is not what I am trying to do at the moment.  I only want the sum of the figures that are displayed in the portal and these records relate to _kp_swing.  From your answer I would have to use a formulae that sums only the records that have the same _kp_swing value and this could get a bit messy.


            I have managed to sort out the problem by studying the way another example database was set up.  The problem was that my "PointsSum" field was a number type instead of a calculation type.  Was this was changed to a calculation type, the problem was solved.


            Thanks for your help anyway.

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              You have the sum field in the wrong location. You want to create a summary field in the compliance_pilotage table. It will be a total of the field points. In the compliance table you place the summary field outside the portal, just as you are presently. The inherent relationship between the two tables ensures the summary field displays the correct total for the compliance_pilotage::points. If you use filtering on the portal then you need to follow Chad's advice and place the summary field into a duplicate of the portal.



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                I had the same problem - your fix solved this (set the field type as calculation). Like you, I'm quite new to this!