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    Adding and Deleting Transactions


      Hello, I am new to FileMaker Pro Advanced.

      I am using portals to present many tables in one form.

      In the "Inventory Starter Solution," there is a button to add a transaction to a Portal, and also a trash can to delete a record.

      In trying to copy this button over, I notice that it is linked to a [+] add new transaction script, of whose presets do not copy over.


      Can anyone help me understand how to create this?

      Any push in the right direction would be much appreciated.


      Thanks again,


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          You will have to create and/or modify the script in your solution.  If you go to the Scripts menu and click the Manage Scripts menu item it will open the script manager.  On the bottom right there should be a button with a curver down point arror.  This is import scripts button.  It will let you bring in script from other files.


          The script will probably require modifications to actually perform the function you want in this file.  This gets a bit more complex.  I suggest you look at some of the available books or the FileMaker training series for help with this.  If you have a specifc question please ask it here.  There are lots of people that will be happy to help.


          Some books to consider are the FileMaker Pro 11 bible and  FileMaker Pro 12 the missing manual.