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    Corrupted container issue


      I am working with a solution that using secure external storage.


      It appears that some of the container data has been corrupted. I am observing the following:

      1. Attempting to export the field contents give an 824 error. (File is damaged or not a FileMaker file)
      2. The file can be viewed using the interactive container field display for PDF files
      3. Just an JPG icon is displayed if container interaction is set to JPG
      4. Files that are not corrupt will display the JPG preview.
      5. I can use the Save to Disk icon in the PDF interaction controls to save the corrupted file, even if the JPG preview is not viewable.
      6. Saving the file using PDF interaction controls saves the file, but with the encrypted filename (as in: FM-18F28C01-9F12-C04C-B469-83472F03120E.pdf)
      7. There are 72 document files in this solution. Corrupt files were not added on any particular day or by any particular user.


      I would suspect that the issue is corrupt or missing JPG previews for the PDF files.



      1. Do you believe that issue is corrupt JPG previews?
      2. What could cause this issue?
      3. Is there a way to fix the corrupted container data? (I could use PDF interaction to save each file individually and then import it back in.)


      Thanks for your help!


      Darren Burgess


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          Hi Darren,


          Sorry I can't shed light on your dilemma... but you are now highlighting precisely the reasons why I would not use this. Too soon to trust that the bugs are all ironed out.

          FMI kept it simple for years... but now they have got too clever for their boots by trying to be all to everyone. (going down the MS Word path!)


          I hope you are able to salvage everything.


          - Lyndsay

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            that is an interesting put down,  and should make the marketing guys spin


            is it external storage,  or just the "secure" that is a potential problem ?




            > but you are now highlighting precisely the reasons why I would not use this

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              LOL.. nobody ever said I was subtle.


              I think it is more that I want to see it in use for a long time before I would trust the only copy of an image to such a process. 

              The fact that Darren has had problems with encrypted images because of file corruption is disturbing. Whatif's like this make me cautious.

              Data protection vs data integrity is the issue and I am not one to jump in....

              My preference is always external storage for the same reason. I would rather protect the files via OS permissions.


              - Lyndsay

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                Make sure to check that NOTHING is touching the externally saved container data files on FMS: no virus scanning, no shared folders where they reside (or any of its parents!)... Anything that has the potential of reading or modifying those container data files could lead to FMS thinking those files are now corrupted.

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                  Thanks for contributing to this issue.  This is a dedicated FileMaker server hosted by Amazon. I am not aware of any processes that might touch the container directories.


                  However, I am going to do some database upload testing on a demo server.  I suspect that the issue may have occured during an upgrade of the UI or data file for this database.


                  Fortunately, I was able to restore the corrupted containers from a backup.  Had to delete the bad records and import from the good backup. 


                  Darren Burgess


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                    darrenburgess wrote:


                    Thanks for contributing to this issue.  This is a dedicated FileMaker server hosted by Amazon. I am not aware of any processes that might touch the container directories.



                    Hmm... That just means you have no full control over the deployment. I'm sure Amazon has a bunch of processes that touch the VMs, including most likely Microsoft VSS based backups.  Most likely also VM load balancing (shifting live virtual instances between physical hosts).  Maybe see if you can find out info on that.


                    Do you have a FMS backup schedule that includes verification?

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                      Hello again:

                      Hopefully these ? arn't too elementry. Its sort of related|unrelated to darrenburgess dilema: Not an FM expert- still learning. Using FM12 Pro with about 5 multyuser seats some of the 5 users are off premises but one server only at all times at office.- have decent Macs and FM server softwarewith and an Apple Xserve. (Few yeras old} I am not the IT guy and know nothing (0) about the hardware structure.

                      1) If one uses what I precieve as a very basic container solution i.e.open storage folder(s) located in FM Server Software on server - are the problems that darrenburgess is

                      having a factor in my scenario? Being that its not a "Supper Container" configuration. Want to keep it simple. Have not deployed solution yet and no previous embeded files to move. Starting from scratch with new files and new folder structure. Security is not a huge factor if open storage is easier. Is it too early to consider using FM's container enhancements. How buggy is it?

                      2) Do thumbnail live in the same folder as the full size file if one does not go with the temporay mode? Whats better - temporay or the altermnative?

                      3)  Lets say we have a parent document table that has records with one container field for each record for keeping track of pdfs and jpeg photos and documents files. Then we have an "Email" parent table with an attachment container field that relates to the "Document" table's container field. Can one craete a script that inserts in the email attachment container field file(s) from the containerlocated in the documents table? Or is there another way to configure the tables/relationships to avoid problems?

                      4) How do you know that you are not attaching a thumbnail? Or does FM keep track so it won't happen? THX!