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FMSA 12 ODBC Import Script

Question asked by PaulWebb on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by BarbaraCooney

I recently setup server for the first time. Actually someone did it for me as I have no access to the server. Only admin console.


I was able to add the views that were created for me to the relationship graph. When trying to view the records it is extermely slow. There are a little over 32K records. And there will be a ton more.


Since a direct connection is so slow I was going to setup a nightly import via the ODBC connection. I started a script and added Import Records (while the file is on the server). When I select ODBC as my source I can only see a test DSN on my laptop. I am unable to see the DSN that is on the server. Do I need to have the DSN from the server on my machine also so I can write the script?


FMS 12 Adv on Windows 2008 server

FM Pro 12 Adv on Mac Book Pro


All software is the latest build.