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    Quote command?


      Hi there.

      I wonder if anyone can help? I am sure I am doing something silly and possibly using the wrong command. I am trying to get a calculation to display the text:


      <img src="http://www.tektraders.co.uk/ebay_shop/pictures_watermarked/SAM_1562.jpg">


      The field called "pic_url3" contains the image number which in this case is 1562


      So I am just trying to write a calcuation which inserts the text before and after the image number, so far I have got:


      If (Items::pic_url3 = ""; "";Evaluate (Quote ("<img src=")) & Quote ("http://www.tektraders.co.uk/ebay_shop/pictures_watermarked/SAM_" )) & Items::pic_url3 & Quote (".jpg>")


      which gives


      <img src="http://www.tektraders.co.uk/ebay_shop/pictures_watermarked/SAM_"1525".jpg>"



      As you can see I have too many " which I can not work out how to get rid of it should say /SAM_1525.jpg">


      I would appreciate any help. Many thanks