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Two Scripting Questions

Question asked by alas on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by alas

1) I have a script that is designed to find duplicate entries. I follow the "typlcal" approaches outlined out there. Sets a global field to the data from the "name" and compares it to the next record, marks the dupes and then finds all of the dupes. My "names" are unstored calculated fields because it involves data points from related tables and thus can't be stored. Within the LAN, it takes about 10 seconds to run the script. On a WAN, it is taking 10 minutes (with around 1500 records). Is there a way to improve this? Is there a way to maybe have the server (hosted on FMS Advanced) run the sorts/loop/find so that it is not passing all of that data over the WAN? I've even tried having the calculated name field being "set" to another field as a step in the script, with the field being set being stored and indexed, but that first step is even taking a long time as it runs through 1500 records.


2) Is there a way to prevent a find dupes script like this from being reflected as a "modification" of the underlying record. Since there are these writes to temporary fields to do the dupes comparison, it is reflecting as thought the records themselves are being modified. Is there a better option here?