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    Daily email with summary of posts


      Is there any way to get one single daily email with links to topics like in the old FSA talk times? one single email per post is a little bit too much for me ... sorry if I'm missing the option, thanks!

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          I'm pretty sure there is no 'digest' option. You can however control which email notifications you receive in your Profile>>Preferences>>Email Preferences.


          I would recommend you use the web interface. Emails lack the context and attachments of the web site.


          - Lyndsay

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            Thank you Lyndsay, the web interface is great but I loved the FSA Talk digest because I could just open the email in the morning and quickly check if there was a specific topic I was interested in and just click on the link, it saved me time.


            Am I the only one who misses this digest? if not please post a comment here and hopefully it will be activated again

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              Not the only one.

              I posted about the missing digest option when this community was introduced.

              I still miss getting only one email per day, but now I subscribe and have my email client sort and group the posts. Only down side is I have to go to the web interface to see my posts.


              Your not alone,


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                Thanks Tim, I´m glad I´m not!


                I use Mac "Mail" as email client and some time ago I set up a rule to copy the posts to a specific folder called "Developer Forum", but there were two issues that made me just delete the rule and cancel the email subscription:


                1 - When I got the emails on my iPhone the rule didn´t work so they just went to the "inbox" together with my other emails, that made a mess until I opened Mail from my Mac that got reorganized into the proper folder after appliying the rule.


                2 - When working on the Mac, I got the "new email" sound with every post which is distracting ... I tried to adjust the rule to cancel any sound for emails that went to the Developer forum but I wasn´t able to ... maybe I missed the option.