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Flexible Window Size

Question asked by micheleclark on Feb 12, 2013
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After having worked in Layout mode all this time, I am finally testing things out in Browse mode. I notice that when I jump from table to table, the background of my template changes. Sometimes the size is set, no matter how big I make my desktop window. Other times the form changes size with the window size, but the background stays static. Sometiems it is just the ride panel that fluctuates and the bottom line stays locked.


How can I make all my forms consistent? Where are the settings for this?


Also, Some of my users will be using an iPad, another an iPad mini, and even more the iPhone. I see the different templates, but one iPad user complained, why doesn't it fill the whole space?? .... How can I fill the area for the iPad user but not drive my iPhone users crazy with scrolling all around?


Thanks for any input, michele