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    Flexible Window Size




      After having worked in Layout mode all this time, I am finally testing things out in Browse mode. I notice that when I jump from table to table, the background of my template changes. Sometimes the size is set, no matter how big I make my desktop window. Other times the form changes size with the window size, but the background stays static. Sometiems it is just the ride panel that fluctuates and the bottom line stays locked.


      How can I make all my forms consistent? Where are the settings for this?


      Also, Some of my users will be using an iPad, another an iPad mini, and even more the iPhone. I see the different templates, but one iPad user complained, why doesn't it fill the whole space?? .... How can I fill the area for the iPad user but not drive my iPhone users crazy with scrolling all around?


      Thanks for any input, michele

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          You'll need to make layouts specific to each: desktop, iPad, iPad mini and iPhone.


          Here's a link to writing the Opener script that specifies which layout will be displayed based on which device is accessing it:




          Unfortunately, there isn't a way to make one layout auto-size depending on the device... you need a different layout for each.

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            Oh, and as far as layouts changing sizes, etc... check your anchors for all objects, including your background.

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              Oh, very cool. Do I need to create a New Layout / Report to have a varying layout on the same table?


              Also, all my anchors are grayed out...

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                You can click on the anchor icon and a bar will appear showing it's linked (and it won't be grayed out anymore).



                Edit:  If you can't click on the anchor icons, then your object is locked.  Unlock it and you'll be able to modify the anchors.

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                  You can even unlock the layout of the form, if from a template? Again lock is grayed out.

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                    I guess that depends on what you mean by template... are you talking Starter Solution or a template you purchased/downloaded?  If you have [full access] privileges then yes, you can unlock/edit everything.  Did you click on the lock for the anchor?  If the item you're trying to anchor is unlocked then this should work.  If nothing happens when you click on the anchor then your item is locked. 


                    Can you post a screenshot of the Inspector showing the Position tab?

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                      Sorry by template I meant that I am using a Layout Theme.


                      I am unsure how to even select the background itself.


                      The position tab looks like this:


                      Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.50.19 PM.png



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                        Oh, I believe it's different with themes.  You can anchor all of your objects so they don't move, but if a user extends the screen the background of the theme will change with it.  If you didn't have a theme, when a user extended the window then it would just show white space... the theme background replaces the white space; simple as that.  At least, this is how I understand it.


                        I believe it's possible through 3rd party plugin to lock the window size, but be careful of this because it could upset your users or make your solution hard to use on different sized monitors/resolutions.

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                          Michele, autosizing will be greyed out as shown until you select something; then the handles will be active and you can adjust them for the selected object(s).


                          As for themes, what eshoshin says is right; you can't select or adjust the background elements of the theme, but these will autoresize to match any autoresizing you set. If you have any one object toggled to the bottom, the background will extend vertically. If you have an object toggled to the right the background will extend horizontally.  Just experiment for yourself and you'll soon work out what settings give the desired result.


                          Resize window to fit will set the window to the size of the objects it contains, the minimum default size as it were. It's probably a good idea to set the layout to always open that way so that arriving at the layout is consistent; users can then stretch it if they want to.


                          Hope that's of some help.